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MED64 Presto

Discover the beauty that only the highest-sensitivity MEA can bring to your research!

The MED64 Presto is a microelectrode array (MEA) system that incorporates the industry leading sensitivity of the MED64 platform in an easy to use multi-well format. Modern, intuitive, easy to use software makes data collection and analysis effortless.

The MED64 Presto is engineered for researchers who need the correct answer to their scientific inquiries and reveals data that can be missed by other platforms.

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MED64 Presto
MED64 Presto


  • Flexible 6, 24, 48, and 96 multi-well formats.
  • Industry leading high-sensitivity, low-noise system (0.9 µV (< 3 kHz)), providing excellent signal-to-noise.
  • New carbon nanotube electrodes provide a friendly substrate for cells to adhere.
  • Transparent glass base allows clear visibility of cells and compatibility with imaging.
  • Innovative well design (sakura), and ready-to-use accessories that help plating cells.
  • Integrated stage heater and environmental chamber.
  • Modern, state of the art software.
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High-sensitivity Electrodes in Multi-well Format

The MED64 Presto’s electrodes are engineered for sensitivity to reveal data that can be missed by other systems. Better sensitivity mean more signals can be detected from your cells. Presto’s new carbon nanotube technology provides a flatter electrode surface compared to traditional MEA electrodes resulting in better cell adhesion onto the electrodes.

Application Note: 

MED64 Presto
iPSC-neurons cultured on the microelectrodes in the MEA plate (top) and recorded raw data (bottom)

Varieties of MEA Plates

MED64 Presto
MEA 24well Plate-eco (left) and MEA 24-well Plate-comfort (right)
24Well BC
CellSpotter-comfort (left) and the CellSpotter installed on the MEA Plate (right)

The MED64 Presto’s MEA plates are available with 6, 24, 48, and 96 well format. Transparent plates allow for easy viewing of cells. The 24-well plate has 3 types of well shapes. Sakura plate is engineered for easy and accurate seeding of cells. CellSpotter cartridge is available to help your cell seeding both for eco and comfort plate.

24Well BC
MEA 24-well Plate-sakura (left) and zoom-up vies of a well (right)
Well format Parts NO No. electrode / well Well size
MEA 24well Plate-comfort MED-Q2430L 16 φ16mm x 10mm(h)
MEA 24well Plate-eco MED-Q2430M 16 φ11mm x 10mm(h)
MEA 24well Plate-sakura MED-Q2430S 16 φ5mm (bottom) x 10 mm(h)
MEA 48well Plate MED-Q4830 8 16mm x 7mm x 10mm(h)
MEA 96well Plate TBN 4 φ7mm x 10mm (h)
MEA 6Well Plate MED-Q630 64 φ22mm x 10mm (h)


MEA Symphony: The navigator for your experiment and analysis!

  • Navigate your experiments from setting up experimental assays to producing an analysis report.
  • Automated spike detection and subsequent spike and burst analysis.
  • Easy and quick set up for analysis parameters as well as manual setting is available.
  • Observe all analysis during and post-recording, giving you correct answers to your scientific inquiries.


Number of Channel 384
Gain 1000x (fixed)
Sampling Rate 20 kHz
RMS Noise 1.2 μV (< 5kHz)
0.9 μV (<3 kHz)
High Pass Filter (LCF)
Low Pass Filter (HCF)
0.1Hz (fixed)
5 kHz (fixed)
Output Channel 2
(for Trigger output)
Stimulation: Output Voltage driven
Output electrode
2 / 1well
Max. output voltage

Electrode, Well
Electrode Material Carbon nanotube
Electrode Size 50 μm x 50μm
Electrode Impedance 7 kohm (Typ.)
Insulation Layer Polyimide
Material Substrate: Glass
Well: Acrylic resin
Lead: ITO

Temperature Controller
Heater Trangistor x 4
Sensor Sensor IC
Resolution +/- 0.1℃
Temperature Controller Omron EG5C

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