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MED64: Record important extracellular signals that can be hidden by other systems!

The MED64 Systems are user-friendly microelectrode array (MEA) system for in vitro extracellular electrophysiology. Acute or cultured biological preparations are placed or grown directly on a grid of planar microelectrodes , which serve dual purpose: record of field potential at each electrode and deliver stimulation via any electrode.

The MED64 features with the industry’s most sensitive MEA system due to its lowest-impedance electrodes. Started by Panasonic, the MED64 has been on market for 20 years with hundreds of users and publications worldwide.

MED64 BrochureWhy choose MED64?

MEA Systems


Basic system for both acute and cultured applications

Med64-Quad II

Medium-throughput system for both acute and cultured applications


Medium-throughput system with multiple wells

Med64-Plex 4/8

Medium-throughput system for recording from 64 electrodes on 4 or 8 samples


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