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The MED64 is designed to be user friendly without requiring extensive time to install the system and build accessories. All our accessories are designed and extensively validated in-house so that they are “turn-key” ready for any experiment.

Temperature Control


Perfusion Cap

Perfusion Cap (MED-KCAP01)

  • Neatly fits into the top of a MED Probe.
  • Features adjustable solution inflow and outflow pipes, a platinum reference electrode, and a port for delivery of gas.
  • Easily removed and replaced for slice mounting.
  • Suitable for MED Probe with 10 mm chamber height.
  • Pre-configured perfusion tubing available for immediate use.
Perfusion Pipe Holder Kit

Perfusion Pipe Holder Kit (MED-KPK02)

  • Installed onto the MED (Heated) Connector.
  • Features adjustable solution inflow and outflow pipes, and a platinum reference electrode.
  • Suitable for MED Probe with 5 mm chamber height.
  • Pre-configured perfusion tubing available for immediate use.

Temperature Control

MED64 ThermoBase
MED64 ThermoBase with the MED-C05 Connector.

MED64 ThermoBase (MED-CPB01)

  • Heating pad for 1 of MED Multi-well Connector or 2 of MED Mini Connector.
  • Bath temperature in the MED Probe is maintained using a ThermoClamp™-1 controller manufactured by AutoMate Scientific Inc.
Material Aluminum
Heating device Transistor
Temperature accuracy < +/- 1°C (for solution in the MED Probe)
Range of verified <1°C accuracy With perfusion: <32°C (RT=25°C)
Without perfusion: <37°C (RT=25°C)
Dimensions W160 x L110 x H17 (mm)
Weight 37° g


MED-CC06MED-CC06, Connector
MED Connector Cover (MED- CC06) with MED ThermoConnector
MED Connector Cover (MED-CC03) with MED Multi-well Connector

MED Connector Cover (MED-CC01 / MED-CC02 / MED-CC03)

  • MED Connector Cover (MED-CC06 / MED-CC02 / MED- CC03) Covers the entire MED Connector and helps to maintain the bath temperature in the MED Probe.
  • Built-in oxygen port.
  • Easy drug delivery port on top of the lid.
  • Available with 3 different sizes to fit all types of Connectors.
    • MED-CC06 : for MED-CP04
    • MED-CC02 : for MED-C04 or MED-C05 with ThermoBase
    • MED-CC03 : for MED- C11 with ThermoBase



MED64 Multiplexer (MED-A64SF1 / MED-A64SF2)

  • Multiplexer used for the MED64 Plex 4/8 System.
  • Allowing time-sequenced acquisition from 4 or 8 samples.
MED64 Multiplexer MED-A64SF1 MED-A64SF2
Number of channels per input 64 64
Number of inputs 4 4
Number of through input None 1 (Input 1-4)
Gain x1 x1
Maximum input/output voltage +/-4 V +/-4 V
Control signal 3 bit BCD 3 bit BCD
Control signal level TTL TTL
Power supply AC 100-240V (50-60 Hz)
Weight (without AC adaptor) 6.1kg 6.2kg
Dimensions (without AC adaptor) W430 x D437 x H74 mm
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