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Mobius Notes

Important notice for the SU-MED640 (Panasonic) amplifier users

Mobius ver.0.5.0 (Rev547) requires National Instruments driver, NI-DAQmx14.0. Make sure to uninstall the DAQ driver currently installed on your MED64 PC first, and then install NI-DAQmx14.0 before installing Mobius.

Download the NI-DAQmx14.0

Instruction for upgrading your acquisition PC (SU-MED640)

What’s New

New [Display Micrograph] module – Ver. 0.5.0 (Rev 588)

Your sample photos can now be displayed in Mobius!

EP Micrograph

How to have Mobius display a photo of your sample:

  1. Open your acquisition (or analysis) workflow (or template).
  2. Click [Workflow] > [Edit] to open the Mobius Editor.
  3. Make sure the Acquisition (Acquire MED64R2 or Acquire MEd64R2 Data w/Stim) module is colored with blue in the left “Workflow “ panel and then double click the [Display Micrograph] on the right “Available task ” panel (Figure 1).
  4. You will see the [Display Micrograph] shifts to the left “Workflow” panel, under the[ Acquire MED64R2] or [Acquire MED64R2 Data w/Stim]. Control panel for the [Display Micrograph] will pop up (Figure2).
  5. Select the graphic file by clicking the box to the right of the File name field, and then click OK.
  6. Checking the “Lock button” will keep its original aspect ratio.





Mobius New Spike Sorter – ver.0.5.0 (Rev506) – 08/05/2014

The Mobius new Spike Sorter is available for ver.0.5.0 (Rev 506) or newer for the MED64 users who purchased following packages:

  • Pro (MED-MS64MR14)
  • Extended (MED-MS64MR02)
  • Spike Sorter (MED-MS64MR12)
  • Spike Sorter with Stim (MED-MS64MR13)

A key-file is required for following modules. Identify whether your have had the “new spike sorter modules” listed below. Contact your local distributor or if you do not.

  • Extract Spikes Advanced
  • Display Extracted Spikes (waveforms only)
  • Display Extracted Spikes (traces only)
  • Display Spike Frequencies

How to identify whether your key includes the new modules:

  • Install the Mobius ver.0.5.0 (Rev 506) to your PC. 
  • Open the Mobius, and click [Workflow] > [New] > [Blank] to open the Mobius Editor. (Fig.1) 
  • See if the 4 new modules are listed. (Fig.2)
  • Send us your hardware serial number to have a new key-file. (Fig.3)






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