A low-noise multi-electrode array system for
in vitro extracellular electrophysiology

The MED64 is a user-friendly multi-electrode array (MEA) system for stimulation and recording of field potentials (extracellular signals) from different areas within a biological sample over hours, days, weeks and even months. Acute or cultured biological preparations are placed or grown directly on a grid of 64 planar microelectrodes, which serve a dual purpose of stimulus-delivery and signal recording. The unique construction of the system eliminates the need for many cumbersome and expensive equipment used in conventional electrophysiology, including a faraday cage, anti-vibration table, micromanipulators, and even the puller and glass microelectrodes. Learn MORE




ISSCR 12th Annual Meeting
June. 18-21, 2014
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Updated  4/10/2014

New Products

Medium throughput system with multi-wells, Ideal for drug testing with stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes/neurons.

MED64-Quad II
Medium throughput system , ideal for drug testing with acute tissue samples.

Updated 11/27/2013

New Publication

Beat-to-Beat Variability in Field Potential Duration in Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocyte Clusters for Assessment of Arrhythmogenic Risk, and a Case Study of Its Application.
Yamazaki, et al., Pharmacology & Pharmacy

Excitatory/Inhibitory synaptic imbalance leads to hippocampal hyperexcitability in mouse models of tuberous sclerosis.
Bateup HS, et al., Neuron.

Updated 2/26/2014

New Document

Application Note
 - Human Stem Cell-derived Cardiomyocytes-

Protocol for the Cellectis hES-CMCTM is now added.
Updated 09/06/13

Mobius Tutorial (MED-A64MD1)
Chapter 4, Mobius QT is updated based on the new workflow templates. 
Updated 06/27/13




• Evoked and spontaneous activities (fEPSP, Spikes)
• Synaptic plasticity (LTP, LTD)
• Spontaneous rhythmic activities (oscillations)
• Pacing and propagation in myocytes
• Safety pharmacology (FPD prolongation / CNS toxicology)
• Drug testing with acute tissue slices
• Chronic drug testing with cultures
• Stem cell biology


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