The most sensitive microelectrode array system for in vitro extracellular electrophysiology

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SPS2017 Annual meeting
Booth#: 308
September 24-26, Berlin, Germany

Selected posters:
Electrophysiological responses of cultured human iPSC-derived neuronal networks to convulsants or anti-convulsant drugs.
I. Suzuki, et el.  No.0082

Pain responses of cultured human iPSC-derived sensory neurons using high-throughput MEA system.
I. Suzuki, et el.  No.0120

Trial for data analysis of drug responses in primary rodent neurons and human induced pluripotent stem cell‐derived neurons using MEA and deep learning.
N. Miyamoto, et el . No. 0170

Updated 09/20/2017


The end of the support for the SU-MED640 (Panasonic) amplifier

Updated 04/24/2017

MED64 Travel Award

MED64 Travel award 

Travel award competition for the Neuroscience 2017 is now opened!

Updated 4/21/2017


New Products

Mobius Offline Toolkit
Great solution for advanced spike/burst analysis!
A new software package for data collected with Mobius

Updated 9/15/2016

MED Duet Connector
A new Connector for the MED64-Quad II System
Try the new electrode arrangement with the new Duet Connector!

Updated 3/07/2016