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End of Support for the SU-MED640 (Panasonic) Amplifier


Dear valued MED64 users,

Alpha MED Scientific is discontinuing the SU-MED640 (Panasonic) amplifier as of August 31, 2017. After this date, we will end support for the SU-MED64 amplifier and Mobius software that is specific to the amplifier. Technical support, including repair and service to the amplifier and updates to the Mobius software that is specific to the SU-MED64 will cease to be available.

The SU-MED640 (MED64 integrated amplifier) launched in 1997 as one of the original MEA amplifiers and has been used by many worldwide for nearly 20 years. We sincerely appreciate our long-term users and will offer a special upgrade program for those who would like to upgrade their MED64 amplifier prior to August 2017. Please visit our website to see our exciting new high throughput systems for acute slice and cultured cell applications. Take advantage of this one time only discount!

Please email is at if you have any questions about end-of-support and/or upgrading your system.

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