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The MED64 system was originally born in Panasonic’s Corporate Research Division to investigate brain network activity and to create a brain-based computer. Its former version, the MED8 System, was released in 1997, and was followed by the launch of the MED64 system in 1999. Alpha MED Scientific currently develops, manufactures, and sells the MED64 system worldwide.

Our mission at Alpha MED Scientific is to employ our expertise in the areas of electronics and nano-processing technology to the advancement of the field of physiological research. We strive to provide total solution through our products and technical support, and are making continuous efforts to create and improve our products based on our customer needs.

Finally, we at Alpha Med Scientific understand that in a fast paced industrial research environment, instrument ‘down-time’ is not a luxury that you, our customers, can afford. In order to ensure that ‘down-time’ is not something you will ever have to worry about, we consistently dedicate ourselves to delivering instruments of high quality and value and reinforce them with exceptional customer service. Our customer support staff across the world stand firmly by this mission, and are dedicated to ensuring all your needs and questions are answered quickly and comprehensively so that you will have more time to focus on delivering your goals and objectives.

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